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How would it change your business to KNOW for certain that you had 8+ sales meetings per month?

And, better still, what if these appointments were well qualified, with a good sales closure rate?

At MeasMedia, we provide this kind of certainty for companies that offer B2B services

Whether you are a business consultant, financial advisor, IT provider, digital marketer, or any other type of service that deals with B2B – we can help you


1. Your Target Market: We’ll work with you to establish your ideal target market, and to establish the core need in that market that corresponds to your USP.
2. Your Pitch: We’ll work with you to establish the exact ‘need’ that you are fulfilling within that marketplace. This will lead to a key series of social media messages, vital to your growth.
3. Your Social Media Plan: Next we will begin to manage a key social media account of yours (predominately Linkedin) to create powerful posts and to extend your network reach. Your posts will range across 5 key categories: Awareness, Consideration, Comparison, Competition and Retention.
4. Growth: We will growth your online network through a series of contact invitation and conversation campaigns – allowing you to convert leads into business.

Any Questions?

So you build up our social presence, doesn’t this mean I won’t get appointments for ages?

No! We have actually brought clients from zero activity on Linkedin to generating his first two appointments in just one week!!

Will I have to give you logins to my social media accounts?
We will need access in some form to your social media accounts in order to manage your lead generation. However, we do not advise access to personal accounts, and all messages and posts on your business profile or accounts can be pre-approved through our process.
How many meetings per month am I likely to get?
This depends on your sector, offering and USP. Generally speaking, B2B services that are properly focused can expect 8+ qualified meetings per month.
Can I try this risk free first?
Absolutely – we offer a two week trial that allows you to experience the service risk free.


  • Vincent Gaidau

    Clean Sweep Facilities
    “Now I don’t have to waste time on marketing initiatives that are lead nowhere. MeasMedia take care of all of my social media and appointment setting – I just give them a link to my online calendar and they fill it with quality sales meetings.”
  • Kevin Newell

    Prevos Solutions IT
    “Magnificent service. Not only did I start getting two sales meetings per month, but my online presence was constantly growing, with regular posting – an add on I hadn’t even factored in.”
  • Mike Gaffney

    Management Consultant, LEAP
    “MeasMedia manage all our lead generation and appointment setting and have done for years – it’s a really quality service – I couldn’t recommend it enough.”
  • Richard McKeown

    WSI Digital Marketing
    “This is a wonderful service. Appointment Setting is such an important part of our marketing, and with MeasMedia we are assured that it is done well on a consistent basis – leaving us to focus on our work.”