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Chris Bevan – Delivering Transformational Change

Breandan hEaghra
05 May 2021

Chris has been designing and orchestrating the delivery of transformational change for over 35 years. Over the past 25 years he has lead several assignments across different industries, in the UK, USA and Europe. Frustrated by large consultancies that continue to adopt an inflexible operational and narrow approach to transformation, he has developed a collaborative, design led approach which includes the structural, operational, human, behavioural and cultural elements of the transformed organisation. This anything but “operational” in approach.

His client sponsors tend to be CxO level.

Q1.  Did you always want to become a consultant or did you fall into the role?

I fell into the role of independent consultant really. However, I took an opportunity to join a consultancy early in my career which gave me a set of tools and a grounding in what consultancy means.

Q2.  What makes a good consultant?

An open mind, collaborative approach and really listening to your client.

Q3.  Do you feel you manage yourself well or is it a case of ‘the cobbler’s shoes’?

I would like to think that I do manage myself well and I am quite disciplined in managing myself

Q4.  Are there enough hours in your day?

Usually, yes. But there are always times when the midnight oil must be burnt. This needs to be the exception not the rule though.

Q5.  If you could magically stop your clients from making one mistake – what would that be?

Rushing to execution. Creating portfolios of programmes and projects, getting the individual business cases approved, all without out an overall transformation design is a recipe for disaster.

Q6.  What do you find is the best way to market yourself?

Though my network and publishing articles and appearing on podcasts

Q7.  What do you do to unwind?

Family time, watching rugby.

Q8.  What advice would you give a starting consultant?

Be clear what your proposition is and how to articulate it.

Q9.  What’s your guilty pleasure?

Red wine

Q10.  What’s your goal for next year?

To be healthy.