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Lead Generation Should be FUN.

Breandan hEaghra
19 April 2021

How do you know that you’re Lead Generation is NOT WORKING?

The answer is simple – if it’s not fun to do, then it’s not working.

I can hear so many, so called experts, disagreeing already – ‘work is not supposed to be fun all the time… bla, bla bla…’

Listen, I’ve worked with all types of business service companies for many, many, years and I’ve seen the best and worst of lead generation tactics, so trust me when I tell you this – if it’s not fun to do, then it won’t work (longterm).

Firstly, what do I mean by ‘fun’…. Let’s explain that a little by highlighting the three letters F.U.N..

F: this stands for ‘Feels Good’. Does it ‘feel good’ whenever you do your lead generation? Now, don’t cop out here by telling me that you ‘outsource’ your lead generation so you don’t know how it feels! Have you outsourced a company to do cold calling, or cold email/linkedin etc? And before you dismiss these tactics – even cold calling can feel good if it’s done right. If you had to sit down today to begin to do your own lead generation – would it ‘feel good’ to you? Or would it fill you with dread and fear! If it fills you with dread – think how it must feel for the poor target!

U: this stands for ‘Uplifting’. Is your lead generation something that is uplifting to your target market. We uplift our target market when we help them – either to solve a problem, celebrate their success or give them a better vision of their future.

N: this stands for ‘Not about You!’. This is the biggest mistake that people make in lead generation. Lead generation is not about ‘selling’, it’s about connecting – creating a meaningful connection, or an ‘active connection’.

There are so so many ideas that can help you to make your lead generation ‘FUN’. We’ve recently created categories that B2B services (especially consultants, coaches etc) can tap into. Watch out for our next few ‘Ideas’ blogs and we’ll outline those categories…