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What Role Could Your Imagination Play in Your Marketing Success?

Breandan hEaghra
12 May 2021

This blogpost is intended to get you to think differently about your greatest marketing asset: your imagination.

For most most of us, our imagination equates to one of two things: either our ‘childish daydreams’ or our ‘adult fantasies’. However, the truth of it is that your imagination is probably your most underutilised and most powerful weapon.

Nothing ever came into being without first coming into the realm of thinking. There is shallow, uncontrolled thinking, and then there is a deeper form of thinking – purposeful thing. Creative thinking. Here lies your imagination.

Many of our clients approach us wanting ‘more appointments’, ‘more leads’, ‘new business’. Most of these desires come from shallow thinking – the ‘need’ to build a better turnover, the ‘fear’ of not gaining enough new business to ‘stay’ in business. I’m not criticising these ‘needs’ or ‘fears’ – they are natural. But they are not the type of states that are required for creative business development. Creativity is often stifled by fear.

A better approach would be to engage your deep-state thinking before commencing your marketing. In other words – become as a child again and engage your imagination. Imagine your clients loving what you do. Imagine how they resonate with your message. Imagine more and more clients coming to you. Now dig deeper into your deep-state thinking – see why they are coming to you, see what you are doing so well that attracts them, see yourself giving more and more and doing more innovative marketing that highlights how great your service is. Imagine what they are saying about you – how your service has changed their business for the better.

Some may think this ‘kooky’. If you do then you are neglecting a tactic that has seen countless sports men and women succeed. Michael Phelps used deep-state thinking to win 23 Olympic Gold medals, Liverpool used deep-state thinking to help them lift the Premier League title in 2021, Tyson Fury used deep-state thinking to win the World Heavyweight title, Tom Brady used deep-state thinking to become one of the all time greatest American footballers. They may not have all called it ‘imagination’ or ‘deep-state thinking’ – some called it ‘visualisation’, others ‘mental drills’ and so on… But the concept has always been the same.

Your imagination, used properly, can help you to clarify the essentials: what your service really is all about, how you can give more value, how you can make your clients love you. Imagination, well used, can add massive detail to your marketing – and detail in turn can give you added power.

If you want to know more about using your imagination to help your marketing send us an email at with the subject-line: ‘Help me use my Imagination in Marketing’.