Zoryna O’Donnell – Change Consultant

Breandan hEaghra
31 May 2021

She’s a ‘change consultant’, who helps organisations and individuals to ‘exceed their expecations’. Today we chat to Zoryna O’Donnell

Q1.  Did you always want to become a consultant or did you fall into the role?

I can’t say that I was dreaming about becoming a consultant since my teens. However, at a certain point in my career, it was a logical step as it allowed me to capitalise on my rich experience, knowledge and skills.

Q2.  What makes a good consultant?

I think curiosity is essential for any good consultant – curiosity about people, organisations, problems and solutions. People feel when you genuinely care about them and their organisations, so your ability to show that you care will help too.

Q3.  Do you feel you manage yourself well or is it a case of ‘the cobbler’s shoes’?

I practise what I preach so, yes, I do manage myself well.

Q4.  Are there enough hours in your day?

There are plenty of hours and minutes in my day – enough for what I want to use them for. For me, time is the most precious commodity and I am very mindful of spending it wisely.

Q5.  If you could magically stop your clients from making one mistake – what would that be?

Forgetting that people are individuals with brains (and everything it entails) rather than faceless “human resources”. A lot of issues that leaders and organisations are experiencing could be traced back to this mistake.  

I use insights from applied neuroscience, psychology, behavioural science and other relevant disciplines to help my clients learn from this mistake and bring their leadership and management capabilities to the next level.

Q6.  What do you find is the best way to market yourself?

“Word-of-mouth” works perfectly well for me and I am now booked up until January 2023.  

Q7.  What do you do to unwind?

I am an obsessive reader and do read for pleasure as well as for my personal and professional development. I also like creative writing and gardening.

Q8.  What advice would you give a starting consultant?

Develop a very good understanding of your target audience/client base and their unmet needs because it is not about what you want to sell them but about how you can meet their needs better than others in the marketplace.  

Q9.  What’s your guilty pleasure?

A good “whodunit” book or film – I find them very difficult to resist!

Q10.  What’s your goal for next year?

To enjoy life to the full!