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Five Steps to a Great B2B Podcast!

We love podcasting – it’s a fantastic way for companies to spread the word about their great product or service, without ‘pitching’ or ‘over selling’.

Nowadays, if you are a consultant, financial advisor, or service provider of any kind – you’ve got a wonderful opportunity to position yourself as an ‘authority figure’ and build a great tribe around you by creating a podcast that really works to stir the imagination of your target audience.

Could you have your own branded podcast? Wouldn’t this take soooo much time, energy, and know-how that you just don’t have (not to mention the cost!).

The great news is that we’ve made podcasting a whole lot easier for our clients – we organise topics, we record, invite guests and build audiences for your own podcast – all you have to do is think of the Five Fundamental Steps to creating a wonderful podcast series.

If you’re interested in finding out how to create a magnificent podcast on a shoestring – fill this quick form and let’s go!

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